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Q: Petra, where are you from?

Petra: I was born in the beautiful city of Prague. I moved to Germany at the age of 12
and currently I´m living with my family in Bavaria.

Q: Did you always dream about a career as illustrator?

Petra: Not really. As a single child of a single mum I spend a lot of time drawing.
But my first plan was to become a famous fashion designer.
Instead I became a footwear designer at adidas, which I enjoyed a lot.

Q: How comes you are an illustrator now?

Petra: I decided to do what I love most.

Q: What are your preferred media?

Petra: Pen, ink, watercolor. Everything mixed together in Photoshop. Sometimes a bit of Illustrator.

Q: A day off with you, Petra. How would an ideal winter afternoon look like?

Petra: I would take you for a long walk in the silent snowy forest, have a nice cup of Earl Grey tea with
a canadian apple cake and play Carcassonne with you.

Q: Do you really look like the woman in your invitation?

Petra: Unfortunately not. My favorite lip stick color is red and the hair and freckles are identical,
but the Claudia Schiffer legs? These are definitely not mine.
But now let´s enjoy our cup of tea and some strawberry cake.
If you have any additional questions, just send me an email.
I would love to hear from you.

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